Thursday 28 June 2012

Not Pretty Just Practical

Ever felt the need to get organised?, I do at the moment. I cannot organise the house because we have builders, plumbers, plasterers and wood burner installers in and out of the house.
They are doing a great job but I want to get stuck in and paint, get sorted you know the feeling, when will it end.

So I am reduced to organising my blending foams and I will have to be happy with that for now.

I have my spinner rack for the foams, but I wanted more so that they did not all end up brown,
careless I know, but it so easy to pick up the wrong one.

A handy Route 52 clipboard came to the rescue......

 With low tack masking tape I sectioned areas off to make a grid, then coloured with Distress Inks.

You can download the colour names from ranger, Jamie did the new names for me. ( if anybody wants the file let us know and he will send them to you).

I coloured the names with the corresponding colour and stuck them down with double sided tape.

I then cut pieces of velcro, the hoop side, it was not quite sticky enough to withstand being pulled about when I removed the foam pads, so I applied a small amount of Matte Medium and that stuck it firmly.

I also put the coloured names onto the front of my new Distress Inks. You may think I have too much time on my hands?

The board was too plain down the centre it needed a little something.
I coloured 3 pieces of card with different Distress Inks, by applying it to the craft sheet and misting them swiping the card though it.I then cut out the letters using the Vintage Market Decorative Strip Die  I needed to do it 3 times because of the amount of S's in Distress.
Them glued them to a Sizzix Tattered Banner by Tim Holtz and a few flowers from the Tattered Flower Garland.

It's not pretty but it's practical, only problem is I will need a few more boards, but at least I haven't got a jumble of foams on my desk.
We have just worked it out and I will need one more as there are 48 Distress Inks including the seasonal ones.

Hope you are all having a good week, and lets hope we get summer soon lol.

Bye for now



  1. What a clever idea. I hope you are ging to blog before and after photos of your new home

  2. Thank you Bernice. Jamie has been taking step by step pictures and of course you could always pop in. There are some great walks if you are good at hills.
    I have been looking at your wonderful reorganisation at home, good work.

  3. love the clipboard only problem is that DH won't let me stick hooks in the wall......I'll have to think of omething else...oh well back to the drawing board!

  4. Michelle that section of gridwall is just leaning up against the wall with a set of office drawers in front. Again not pretty but useful.
    But I know what you mean, my new craft room has just been plastered
    today, so I dont want anything on the walls...yet....

  5. Wow what a clever and practical solution, thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. hi sharon, boards came today, two for me and the others for friends. beats bringing back rock from my holiday I thought your place was really nice, a lovely setting, peaceful. having problems finding the blending foam, found it once on your web site, then lost it again. does it come in one piece or only in packs of ten?
    Best wishes Di
    my first answer to a blog site (well second actually, lost the first!!