Monday 11 June 2012

Artsy Crafts

Yesterday I had a fantastic day at Artsy Crafts, met some wonderful people.

We got really messy, we painted, glued, baked, wired, mica'd, nipped, rusted, dry brushed, transferred, gold leafed and if that wasn't enough we had a super roast lunch, cheesecake, chocolate fountain, danish pastries and still managed to work in the afternoon.

Here are a few of the Photo's

Leandra and Lin at the beginning of the session, showing us what we are about to create. Oh my life !!

Wooden pieces spritzed with water and sprinkled with rusting powder, they all turn out different.

Close up of the original Rusty Relic. There is a lot going on under the wire which the camera has not picked up.

Leandra and Lin receiving some lovely pressy's from the very generous ladies from up north. Sorry ladies I don't know your names.

Here is Tracey's masterpiece being stapled By Leandra. There was some very different colours from the  
Paper Artsy Paint range being used, they all looked great.

Tracy watching as the final finishing touch is being added by Leandra with her kachunging machine?

Mine having the kachunging magic applied. (it's really a staple gun)

Mr & Mrs Hot Picks. Mark was also the chief clay baker, plus a host of other duties that helps to make the weekend run smoothly.

It was really great to meet up with Rachel & Janet again. They must have a lot of stamina I was exhausted after 1 day they both did 3 days.

I made that.......

I learnt so many new techniques was reminded about some that I had forgotten. Best of all met some wonderful people that are so passionate about crafting.

Thank you Leandra, Mark and Lin for a splendid day. 


  1. Lovely to meet you yesterday. Look good in the spotty apron don't I (lol!). Had a fab day too - just got to decide where to put the work of art we created! Keep in touch ( my blog Tracy x

  2. Thank you Tracy it was great to meet you as well. I wondered how I would find your address. Problem solved, thanks again.

    Sharon x