Friday 10 April 2015

April's Featured Artist - Wendy Vecchi

Hello! Today we are very happy to introduce you to a new series on our blog - Featured Artist. We're very excited and sure you are going to love it as we going to have some big names on here, with amazing tutorials, interesting techniques and lots of inspiration. 

This April we're having a very talented artist who's style is unique and eclectic with an exceptional attention to detail and a fresh approach to the creative spirit. She shares her love of techniques on her blog and reminds you that whatever you do each day just – "Make Art!”. 

Wendy Vecchi is a full time artist/designer and owner of studio 490.

She is a signature designer for Ranger and Stampers Anonymous, and a past member the Tim Holtz and Maya Road design teams. Wendy loves to demo and teach at stores and events across the country and has been published in numerous publications. She was the guest instructor for the Artful Voyage in Mexico with Tim Holtz, in October of 2009. 

If you’re looking for a cool fresh NEW technique, check out her her blog at

We asked Wendy a few questions to find out more about her creative life:

What is the most challenging part about being an artist? Talking myself into doing the B O R I N G part of my job. That would be writing up supply lists and writing instructions. Sitting at the computer is not nearly as much fun as being in the studio. I’d much rather be elbow deep in ink! The other thing I LOVE to do is experiment.
What work do you most enjoying doing?  I LOVE to teach. That for me, is THE BEST part of what I do. I LOVE to spend time with people who understand what I do & I LOVE to see them excited to learn & create awesome art. I LOVE the interaction between students & I LOVE the sharing that happens during workshops.  It’s also a huge thrill for me to see what others do with products that I designed. How they use them is so inspiring. That’s how new fun techniques are discovered. My advice...DON’T be afraid to try an idea. It just might be the best technique EVER! And if it doesn’t workout? Everyone has a trash bin in their studio! 
How has your style change over time?  I’d say that it’s gone from pretty flat to very dimensional & more focused on mixed media art. Mixed media is a scary term for some, but really it’s a USE WHAT YOU HAVE approach to art. Remember...Anything goes! Can you use inks, paints, embossing powders & embossing pastes in the same project? YES! Can you combine found objects with stamps and stencils? YES! ABSOLUTELY YES! Old papers with new? YES! 
We really love Wendy's attitude and how she inspires all beginners and people who are afraid to start their journey with mixed-media. Wendy also wants to share some of her beautiful works with you. Enjoy!

 Some of the products Wendy used in her projects:

And there is even more coming. Through the whole of April we will share inspirations with products from Studio 490, including more Wendy Vecchi works and a tutorial from Wendy herself. We are also going to have a very talented guest designer so stay tuned.

 In the meantime why not visit our shop - we just filled our shelves with new Wendy Vecchi products - stamps, stencils, ink pads and matching embossing powders.

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Have a beautiful and creative weekend.


  1. Great to see the lovely and very talented Wendy over here! Toni x

  2. Wonderful new feature, great to see the lovely Wendy on here, she is always full of inspiration :-) xxx

  3. Wendy is such a wonderfully talented and inspiring Designer and it is lovely to learn more about her here today and see her incredible work! An excellent feature. Anne x

  4. Love Wendy's products and projects, nice to her here. :)

    1. Wow! Love this new feature! Great to hear from Wendy Vecchi here! Love her products!

  5. Can't get too much of Wendy Vecchi, great feature.

  6. Wendy Vecchi, great! Especially like the Heart project, great stuff.

  7. Used the heart card as inspiration for my niece's birthday card. Love pinterest so I can save ideas for using latter. thanks so much for sharing.