Monday, 27 April 2015

5 ideas with... Embossing Paste

"5 ideas with..." is a new monthly series on our blog. Once a month in this blog post we are going to share some basic techniques and ideas with specific products. If you are a beginner and you don't know how to start your mixed-media journey this is the perfect thing for you. We hope that our simple tips will inspire you to create and experiment with products you don't know much about.

April is our Wendy Vecchi month and that is why we would like to familirize you with Wendy's Embossing Paste.

Studio 490 Embossing Pastes are smooth and light acrylic emulsions designed to add texture and dimension to your projects. They come in many varieties but for our "5 ideas..." we used translucent and white paste.

1. Paint you background with water based paints (Ecolines, Silks, Distress Paints or sprays) and let it dry. Using a palette knife apply some Translucent paste through the stencil. It will dry clear - then you can paint with other colours and it will resist allowing your background to show through.

2. Mix translucent or white Embossing Paste with your favourite pigments, powders or mica. Add some colour and shimmer to it and paint just like with acrylic paint.

3. What about Embossing Paste and liquid watercolours? Mixing them together isn't as easy as with powders but after few moments you can get smooth paint in your favourite colour. Do this with translucent paste to get a glossy finish.

4. Cover your base with a thick layer of a combination of white and translucent pastes. Grab your favourite tool (maybe Catalyst?) and just draw - have fun! Drying will take a few hours, but you can also use a heating tool to make it faster. Then cover your texture with Treasure Gold using a cloth or even your finger. Try to layer a few colours of Treasure Gold and you'll get a heavy, metallic effect.

5. Mix Translucent Embossing Paste with your favourite Art Ingredients. It will work like glue and seal at the same time. Then apply your paste on paper, wood or metal and let it dry. Later you can start playing with colour - how about Treasure Gold again, or maybe Silks? Have fun and experiment!

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  1. Five great techniques, like the thick application and then using a drawing tool to add depth that really stands out from the background :-)

  2. Some interesting ideas here. Never tried translucent paste. Hugz

  3. great techniques, thanks for this new feature.

  4. Thanks for sharing these great techniques, I love those beads and the glitter gold rush, now on my wish list. Your stencil is beautiful too Kasia! Anne x

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Wendy's Embossing Paste!! thanks for the share!!

  6. SUPER FINE teaching! These techniques are great. I use modelling/molding/texture paste all the time and love it but have never tried embossing paste. Probably much the same but now I'm curious so just ordered some!!!! THANKS BUNCHES for starting this teaching addition. j.

  7. Gorgeous, just completely lush and gorgeous! I need some of this embossing paste because I've Dreamweaver pearlescent and the colour from inks or paints transfers to the paste. I also need Treasure Gold and Gold Rush, got to win the lotto! Thanks for sharing Karen

  8. What a treat if one has such an art material. Thank you ever so much for sharing with us. :D

  9. thanks so much for the wonderful tips!