Tuesday, 28 July 2015

{ New Products - July 2015 }

Hello our dear friends!
We didn't update our blog with new products for a few weeks, so now it's finally the right time to share a little bit of our love of products with you. We are pretty sure everyone will find something interesting. Enjoy!

1. First of all plenty of inspiring new books (including some gorgeous colouring books), and new Faber Castell art journal - ideal for mixed media.

2. New Finnabair cling, clear and wooden stamps from Prima. There is also new Finnabair altered metal frame - a telephone, and set of very versatile paint brushes.

3. We have also added more Donna Downey stencils to our online shop! Just have a look at this beautiful butterfly.

4. Three new colours of Dina Wakley paints:

5. Did you try carving your own stamps? If not, maybe it's finally the right time? At Artist Trading Post now you will find carving blocks and cutters.
If you don't know how to start please visit these inspiring blogs: 1, 2.

6. Three new colours of Treasure Gold. Add some metallic shine to your projects!

7. New Tim Holtz stencils:

8. Now we also stock Dylusions Paint at a very good price! Matte finish makes them perfect for art journaling.

9. A few others bits and bobs:

10. And last but not least - many new and beautiful Paper Artsy stamps - Lin Brown, Hot Picks, Minis and Jofy!


  1. Gorgeous new products! x

  2. Wonderful new releases and more Paper Artsy stamps, yipee!

  3. Fabulous new products! I wonder if Speedy-Carve Block is very different from the basic Lino Block?! Thanks.

  4. Jane, Deb - thank you for your comments :)
    Kris, I'm afraid we never used Lino Block, but I think they must be very similar. Speedy Carve Block is really nice to work with, soft but not too soft, thick enough and gives very good prints.
    Manufacturer says: "The Speedy-Carve Block Printing Method uses and easy to carve flexible pink Speedy-Carve block that is made of a special material that makes it faster, safer and easier to carve than traditional linoleum, but at the same time allows for fine-line printing."
    Hope it helped :)

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