Tuesday 13 August 2013

Just Like New Drawers

Hello all you lovely crafty people, first I must say I'm sorry for not updating my blog for so long and it's not because I haven't been using all my craft supplies. Computer trouble, how many times have you heard that old excuse. Well it's true.

It seems to have problems when it's warm, and for no reason at all it just shuts itself down.
So I am at the shop with the macbook (nice) but my camera is at home. So I will take some photo's of what I have been up too later.

When I first starting crafting I covered 3 Ikea sets of drawers. They were all done in different scrapbook papers and I thought they were brill, thank goodness styles change.

I have recovered them using the Engraver A4 paper pad from prima, because all the papers complement each other and some are already collaged it was easy to fill in the gaps with any left over scraps.

Firstly I stripped of all the old paper then sanded the drawers down.
I painted all the edges of the drawers and the outer with Paper Artsy Little black Dress paint, when it was dry I gave the edges a quick sand, just to make it look a little bit distressed.

Then it was measuring and cutting, (if you are like me and are not very good at measuring go and have at look at the Gentleman Crafter's blog where he is going back to basic's. If I had seen this first there wouldn't be all the pen lines on my ruler).

So if you have any old drawers that need an uplift or you just are fed up with them I can recommend the prima paper it stands up to plenty of glue and brayering.

You can see the awful colours they were before covering.

That's better.

All edged with Walnut Stain Distress Ink

And here they are on my shelves I even covered a cheap little box to match.

That's all for now but I will be posting on  more regular basis, as my school report often said "must try harder".

Sharon x


  1. Hi Sharon i have just the same sets of drawers and your beautiful transformations have inspired me to sort mine out! These are just gorgeous ! Love those papers x

  2. That's a fantastic transformation, wonderful papers as well.

  3. love this look!
    How do you cut along the edges so well? I have tried this and mine looks so badly finished because the paper seems to rear around the round edges.