Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Clare Horner and her story.

Hello our mixed-media friends! Today we have a very special treat for you - Clare Horner from the ICE Resin Design Team. Clare has an amazing, easily recognizable style that will surely enchant you. Her creativity has no limits and the way she is using ICE Resin on her jewellery pieces is just stunning. Clare wants to share her story how she got into this amazing mixed-media industry and how she joined the ICE Resin Design Team, and believe me, it's very inspiring! Sit comfortably, grab some tea and enjoy :)

Hi everyone, I am so pleased to be sharing my love of ICE Resin with you for the wonderful Artist Trading Post. Having been a customer of Artist Trading Post before and I was thrilled when my lovely ICE Resin boss, Jen, asked me to do a feature for them. My first response was they have fabulous customer service and great delivery times too so I would be more than happy to oblige!
I will start with a little about myself. My name is Clare though universally I am know as ''Gotpaintinmyhair'' I am Yorkshire born and bred and have lived in West Yorkshire all my life with my other half and four kittens that I rescued. I went to College studying Art but on entering the real world, did as every one else round here and got a job in an office. I yearned to do something creative and found a local shop one day while being dragged to a garden centre (kicking and screaming!) that has a craft shop in it. I was hooked the second I walked through the door! I have since gone from card making, to scrapbooking, to art journaling, to mixed media, to basic jewellery making and more advanced jewellery making, and finally have landed on Silver Smithing and back at college again, I am about to enter my final exam project for my 2nd year of college.
I don't really remember how I found ICE Resin, but I had been interested in resin for a few years. I became quite obsessed with finding a resin that would work for jewellery, would not yellow over time, would not crack over time too. It was quite a hard task, all resin is not created equal I fast found out! I had many a disaster and grew quite frustrated. I was given a half used bottle of ICE Resin, back then in the blue packaging, by a friend who ''couldn't get along with it''. I became hooked, self levelling, self doming, self healing! Oh it was divine so I did some research and followed Susan and Jen instantly everywhere I could, I became quite the stalker, never daring to speak to them because their talent was so intimidating to me. I quickly learned that actually, they were amazing and friendly and so very quick to help on the odd occasion I had to pluck up the courage to ask a technical question. I eventually got over my fear and became inspired by them, it was seeing Susan's metal work that made me research ''propper Silver Smithing'' as I thought of it, and signed up for a evening course at college. I must have been on a high being accepted into the college class because that same week the Creative Team call was put out into the world, so I applied, never once imagining that I would be accepted, I didn't hear anything back for the longest time and thought I hadn't made it. Turned out in my haste to fill in the form I had fat finger typed my e-mail address wrong! Oh my heart sank when I had a message on facebook from a stranger asking if I still wanted to be part of the team as I hadn't replied! That was when I met the lovely Carol, the team manager, who turns out, could be my long lost twin we are so alike and get along so well!

The rest really is history, I have been part of the ICE Resin family since the end of 2013, it has been an amazing ride and will only get better! I am lucky to be a Certified Ice Resin instructor since the start of 2014 and the only one in the United Kingdom. I love to teach and will travel anywhere in the country to share my passion. If you would like to follow me you can find me on all the normal social media platforms, usually as Gotpaintinmyhair. I am a bad blogger! But I am trying to change that, aren't we all...
Thank you for taking the time to visit
Clare ''Gotpaitninmyhair'' Horner
Clare also prepared a special project for you. If you would like to try to work with Ice Resin and Iced Enamels to create a similar piece of art, simply follow her detailed instructions:

1: Using a disk cutter and a doming block cut and dome two ½ inch and one ¾ inch circles from a decorative tin box.

2: With a brush paint the two ½ inch pieces with Iced Enamels Medium and cover with Iced Enamels Turquoise Relique powder. Shake the excess back in the tub. Heat both pieces from underneath until the powder has turned into enamel.
3: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions

4: Using the mixing stick or a sponge coat the two enamelled pieces with resin, adding a small pool in the centre and set aside to cure in a level area with a dust protector covering them.

5: Scoop some resin into the smaller domed piece of tin so it is half full making sure all the sides are covered in resin. Shake on a generous amount of glass glitter. Set with the others to cure.

6: Pour any leftover resin in a mould or wipe onto book page so it is not wasted.

7: Let cure for 6 to 10 hours.

8: Once cured, mark all pieces equally on the back and punch 2 holes opposite each other. Attach to chain at desired length and wear it.

I used an antique copper coloured chain and toggle as it highlights the coppery coloured parts of the turquoise relique enamel.

Products Clare used:


Decorative biscuit tin
Doming block
Disc Cutter 1/2inch 3/4inch
Toggle clasp
Chain from stash
1.5mm hole punch

Clare, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and our readers. You are such an inspiration - we can't wait to see more of your creations.  


  1. Great article and jewellery piece Clare. Love ice resin, very easy to work with and I'm still learning. Thanks for the inspiration 😊

  2. A fantastic post Clare, I am still learning too but love using Ice Resin. Thank you for sharing your very inspiring tutorial!

  3. Still haven't had a chance to play with mine, but I'm going to soon!

  4. What a great article clare thank you for sharing your wonderful inspiring projects

  5. Fabulous makes and a great post! I must get my hands on Ice Resin.. It's been on my list for way too long :) x

  6. beautiful projects Clare and I love the fabulous bracelet. Having had a chance to play with the Iced Enamels/Iced Resin/Glitters for the first time I can recommend easy to use and there are great tutorials on ATP as well as on other media forums.

    TFS Annie x

  7. BEAUTIFUL - everything is beautiful. j.