Wednesday 25 September 2013

Darcys New Stamps and more....

I am so excited we have received the new stamps from Paper Artsy which are designed by Darcy.

Here is a picture I made out of a scrap of board and a piece of cardboard, I was actually trying to organise my box of papers and I found a photo of Jamie's that he had printed onto Claudine Helmuth's sticky back canvas and I had the idea that it would go with the trailing hearts on EDY01
The lock is one from a packet of Route 52 mini fittings 2 and a steampunk key.

The background is covered by blending Paper Artsy Paints with cut and dry foam, I have tried to follow the colouring of the photograph as much as possible which is quite easy with the fantastic colour range there is.

The middle layer is stamped using P/A paints and on the top layer I have used Black Archival ink.
Onto the black mount board treasure gold has been blended through the Chicken Wire Reversed stencil by The Crafters Workshop.

I am working on the projects for the new workshops, you can see them all here.

We have just done  The Altered Secret Book, and the ladies really enjoyed it, using different techniques and new products to some and maybe even working out of their comfort zones.

This is my cover, 1st step Paper Artsy Grunge Paste through a stencil, dry it paint it black (in my case) then dry brush with various browns and red and a gentle rub with Treasure Gold on the edges.

The workshop was taken by 6 lovely ladies we had Jill, Ruth, Jill, Karen, Marilyn and Pam. The photo's I have taken do not show the true colours, I only had the phone the day before and haven't had much time to practice, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

This is Jill's front cover and the inside page's are below, Jill brought the beautiful picture's of the sunflower's with her.

Here is Pam's, sorry it's a bit out of focus. She is going to put a picture of Chocolate an Owl that she has kindly adopted inside the secret recess which will be covered by the door.

Here is Marilyn's I did see it with all the pieces in place but not glued down, but she did promise that she would finish it when she got home. Again my photo skill's have not picked all the beautiful blue's and gold's.

Ruth has done a wonderful job with layering and texturing. She has painted all the embellishment's to blend them all together. No 4 is the magic number.

We had two Jill's which made it easy for Ruth to remember who she was sitting next too.
The main colour is Sage and highlighted with Spanish Topaz Treasure Gold, and there is a very special photo hidden behind the door.

Karen's inside pages are a lovely warm peach colour which she blended using Paper Artsy paints,
and copper tones. I think they really did work well together and I will take her example of standing back and looking before going to far.

Have you noticed I have just learnt I can add text to a photo..... First time I have used Picasa and I am just about getting the hang of it.

Here's Pam, Marilyn and at the far end Karen all working very hard.

Below are photo's that Ruth has kindly emailed to us showing her completed book and she has even finished the extra pages.

Thank you Ladies for a super day, anybody wanting to do the Beautiful Backgrounds workshop there are some places left for next Wednesday the 2nd of October.

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  1. Beautiful project Sharon ! Those trailing hearts look fabulous ! Looks like lots of fun was had at the workshop too ! Sue C x